Boob Tube

06.01.2004 - 5:50 am

We had a really good weekend. I just wish we had three day weekends every week. And yet, I could, but I don't want to be working 4-10's to get it. Ugh.

Nick and I each got all but one of our Honey Do's done. So yesterday we all packed up and went to the zoo. Munch was more interested in watching the people than the animals. Except for a few that caught her attention. Like the turtles, monkeys and elephants. Not at all interested in any other animal we showed her. That's OK. By the time we got home and she went down for a nap, it was time for Mommie and Daddy to melt in front of the TV. She was even so good as to play on the farm when she got up so Mommie and Daddy could remain in front of the TV. It's been ages since we did that. Ergo, why I think every weekend should be three days, two for Honey Do's and one to relax. Truly Relax.

So now I have a busy week at work. Tomorrow I have to participate in this pilot training program on leadership development (big yawn) At least we are now closer to the weekend.

I guess I should finish getting ready for work.

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