High Carb Life

05.05.2004 - 8:13 am

I am so freaking sick of all this low carb crap. I just saw a commercial for a low carb vitamin. I kid you not. Maybe it's because I (and my whole family) love our bread and could never give it up...maybe it's because I know (from experience) that fad diets don't work...maybe it's because I have a doctor's appointment in one hour that I have to fast for the blood test and I'm hungry.

I think Munch isn't feeling well. She hasn't been eating much, fussy, just not herself. Or maybe she's just in her new one-year-old phase.

I went and saw Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind last night. It was very enjoyable. Kate Winslet is a babe, and those hair color changes look so good on her. Or maybe it was the whole character. I found myself wishing I could do more like that in way of my appearance. Just more funky (probably not blue hair, although I liked the candy apple red color). I'm grappling with being an adult and wanting to hold onto the time I was more alternative. I'm struggling with visions of the Volvo Driving Soccer Mom...but I can put the Girls Kick Ass sticker on the back. ...sigh... I think maybe I just need a new obsession. Like knitting. Or getting back into my jewelry.

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