Allergies Suck

03.30.2004 - 5:20 am

Sick/allergy stricken. I took a claritin on Sunday night hoping it would help. It had the opposite effect on me, yesterday I could barely stay awake. I ended up leaving the office early so I could crawl into bed. Today I feel a bit more rest, but not a whole lot. Ah, the evil side of Spring.

I'm about to have a rather busy week at work. And find out my salary increase and bonus amount for my 2003 performance. I don't even really care at this point. Since I'm just biding my time, it seems unimportant.

Today is Nick's first full day with Munch as a part of his paternity leave. We decided to keep her in school two days a week so she doesn't loose that routine. I wonder what they will do today =)

That's it. Pumping complete. Gotta get ready for work.

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