Baby giggles

03.24.2004 - 10:36 am

I'm approaching my 2-year wedding anniversary. About this time 2 years ago I was dealing with some people that I thought were friends saying good-bye to me. Forever. I was in so much hurt and amazement (I just re-read two of those entries, I was pretty upset...) Anyway, I had brunch this past weekend with a girlfriend that is friends with me, friends with them, she's mature enough to handle that kind of situation (ouch, that was bitter). Anyway, I asked her if we could talk about this one woman, that I was feeling all these feelings come up as I approach my anniversary, and some of the hurt is back, and that I needed to talk to someone who was familiar with the situation that could just listen and help me get some closer. Well, said friend shared with me that she was shocked and disappointed that I was broken up with via a note. She thinks I deserved to have a face-to-face. I felt SO much better having heard this. That what happened two years ago wasn't all in my head and that some of the accountability was with other people, not just me. Because, of course, I was totally beating myself up that I did something wrong to deserve this. Blah blah helped so much talking about this. And I'm still hurt, it hurts a little bit less though.

Other than that, I've started keeping track of search hits to my diary. Once the list is a bit longer, I'll be posting it here. I think it's interesting to see how some people are arriving at my diary. Things I would never think to put in a search, let alone click on my diary for that info. Have I peeked your interested at all? hm.

My daughter will be 11 months old tomorrow. I can hardly believe she's almost a year. So much has happened in the last year. She is now pointing at things and says "Dat" (it's so flippin' cute!) She's also pulling herself up on anything that surrounds her, whether it's stable or not. She's getting much quicker as a crawler. And to Nick and my delight, she's started having these giggle fits at night before bed. Everything we do, or she does, or the cat does, makes her laugh. There's nothing like the sound of my daughter laughing. We are so fortunate.

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