03.17.2004 - 10:41 am

This just confuses me. Why should any religion care the sexual orientation of their clergy or their congregation? I think in these days, when so many people are running, screaming from their church of origin, the clergy would want to revise their ways of thinking to invite more people into their congregations. It's not like gays and lesbians flaunt their sex lives in front of others. I mean really, come on, do you believe that? I'm sick of this assumption that gays and lesbians are these horrible wretched people. Whether you believe in nature or nurture doesn't matter. It's who this person is. So accept it and move on. There are way too many other things to be worried about in this world than the sexual orientation of the person sitting next to you, or fighting your country's wars, or preaching from the pulpit.

I think it's just an intolerant day for me.

Munch is on the verge of something big. She's been pulling herself up a lot. All over the place, all she wants to do is stand. She's also eating a whole lot of food, and I don't know where she's storing it in her stomach. I swear she has her father's metabolism. She's also sleeping a lot more. Much to the joy of my nightly sleep as well. Last night she slept from 7pm until 5am!! Oh so nice!

Nick left this morning for Orlando. He'll be back on Saturday. He's excited because he's going to Emeril's new restaurant. It occurs to me that I'll be in Orlando in July with him and Munch and we could all go to Emeril's restaurant. Yay! That will be fun.

OK, I suppose I should get back to work...

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