Fangs #2

02.26.2004 - 5:45 am

While on a ranting roll, there's something else I want to talk about. On Tuesday, after being home sick all day in bed, I left to get Munch from daycare. Daycare closes at 6pm, I left home at 5pm. I knew I wanted to go to the Q (QFC) and get some Violet-comfort-foods since I felt like crap. I didn't know if I wanted to go before or after getting Munch.

I decided on after, since I really wanted to see her and didn't want to push the 6pm envelope. So I get her from daycare. She was not happy to get into her carseat, which is our new thing. She cried, wailed, screamed during the 3 minute ride to the Q. I get her out of the car and she's happy. We get into the Q and I try to put her in the cart, no go. So I carry her and push the cart and fill it up with my 4 items.

I go to the self-check out section of the Q (do you have these in your supermarket? I love it!) Anyway, I put her in the cart so I can check out. All's fine, she's a little whiny, but dealing. As I finish ringing up my stuff, and swipe the debit card, she starts wailing/screaming. I keep telling her it's OK and Mommie's almost finished and we are going home. I lift the bags into the cart. I return to Munch and take her out (she's still screaming). As I'm pulling her out I look up at the person in the checkout in front of me, and the Q employee that oversees this area, and the two of them have these expressions like they just saw me punch my child. Of course, the minute I pull her out of the cart she stops screaming and starts babbling and smiling.

I was SO mad at these two people. I really wanted to say, Haven't you ever seen a child scream before? But I didn't. I just felt so shitty (because I'm sick, not because their glares did anything to my emotions) and Munch immediately calmed down (until I had to get her back into the carseat to go home). Argh! It was definitely not a look of shut-up-the-screaming-child, it was a look of what-a-horrible-mother.

You know what people, you don't live in my house so bite me!

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