02.25.2004 - 5:42 am

Now I'm sick. Full fledged, snotty, tired, night sweats sick. So why am I getting ready for work? I'm hoping to go in, do a few hours, declare sickness and come home to nap. We have one of our bi-annual management meetings today. I loathe these meetings! Five hours of sitting in uncomfortable chairs, listening to the execs toot their horns and inspire us to be better workers. Please! At least we only have to go twice a year now, instead of four. Ugh, I hate these days.

Yesterday while I was home and flipping through bad TV, I stopped on the Wayne Brady show. Why? Because he was having Rick Springfield on. OK, I am not on of the current fans that follows him around at fairs and mediocre venues reciting every lyric. No, Rick was one of my first celebrity loves. I sat there watching him on TV thinking, you look exactly the same as I remember, same hair, same lanky frame, OK - clothes are updated and you have a few more wrinkles. He did something off of his new CD, and then he did Jessie's Girl. The quintesential Rick Springfield song. Which, by the way, he admitted there was a "Jessie", but his name was Gary. Rick didn't get Gary's Girl. Imagine, poor soap-opera-rock-star lost out. Oh well. Anyway, it brought me back to the days of being a pre-teen (we didn't have cool terms like tween back then) and the poster of him I had on my door. I fold out from some magazine. The man was wearing a pink, satin suit with one of those skinny ties. Yes, pink satin. I don't even think Carson from Queer Eye could pull off pink satin.

And what is up with the American Idol fashion consultant this year. Horrible!! Absolutely horrible. I didn't realize the modified, Stevie Nicks look was in style these days.

Wow, do I sound venomous today or what?

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