Good-bye Sex

02.23.2004 - 1:43 pm

Where to begin? Munch and I are home sick. Hers is related to teething, poor thing has all four front teeth coming in at once! We brought her to the doctor yesterday because we were worried of an ear infection. No infection, just teeth. The doctor gave us the OK to give her ibuprofen though, which is helping her a lot! She actually slept very well last night, not so restless. She's supposed to be napping now, I put her down 20 minutes ago, but she's playing with her toys, hopefully she'll doze off any minute. She really needs the rest (as do I).

I'm also not really motivated to get online with the J-O-B and get anything done. That's OK I suppose.

Nothing real exciting is going on right now. It's been rather uneventful around here and we are getting a lot of house stuff done. Nick is working on the dining room right now. I've been working on moving my desk upstairs to the extra bedroom to create a play space for Munch.

Oh yeah, I wanted to talk about Sex in the City. Did you watch the finale last night? I cried. I want a small group of female friends that will be my support. I have good friends, they don't all live her in WA state. And some don't necessarily get along with each other, some do. We are all so busy too, most of us just starting our families. It definitely gets harder with kids. OK, so maybe I won't make it to Sunday brunch every week, maybe once a month. And maybe those cosmos will have to be consumed at home during bookclub. After all, we don't live in the cultural mecca of NYC. I mean, people wear jeans and fleece to the opera out here!! Yeah, I think I'll email some girls and get a thing going. That would be nice.

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