Stupid Bush

02.11.2004 - 1:40 pm

So I'm a bit bummed that Wesley Clark has dropped out of the race. Not that a candidate's sex appeal should be the reason to vote for them...

Anyway, while we are on the topic of the up-coming election, does the Bush Administration *really* think we Americans are stupid enough to believe it's just coincidence that he is showing up in states mere hours after a Democratic primary or caucaus? Seriously?! Don't we deserve to be treated with more respect and intelligence?

Workin' from home again. I got a lot done between 8 and noon. Now I'm fading. I don't want to go to the gym (although I have this nagging "I should go feeling), and I just want to get off line. Maybe I'll go run a few errands, get the Munch, and maybe go to the gym later tonight after she's asleep. That's an option. Yeah, I think I'll do that!

btw...someone asked me the other day for Munch's web address. Sorry to disappoint, but I like to keep my real identity separate from my diaryland identity. No, this journal is not fiction, but my name isn't Violet, my husband really isn't Nick and my daughter is not Munch. Although Buster the Cat really is Buster. If you are still interested in her web address, and I "know" you through diaryland, drop me a note and I'll send you the link. Maybe.


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