Lazy Sunday.

02.08.2004 - 3:35 pm

It's been a rather relaxing weekend. On Friday Nick and I went to sleep at 9:30. Munch only got up twice during the night and she slept until 9:30am. So basically I got nearly 12 hours of sleep. Goddess was that nice!!! I hadn't sleep that much in a 24-hour period since I was pregnant.

The tofu is going over SO well. She isn't too happy with beans. So we are pushing tofu and veggies. Yesterday morning I tried a garden sausage, she likes that a lot.

Nick left this morning for Tahoe until Wednesday. We'll miss him, it will be a nice break. I have some girlfriends and a baby coming by on Tuesday, probably order a pizza. One of the friends coming works with me and just got another job. Jealous? Yes. Can I deal without her? Hope so. She's one of my peers and we tend to rely on each other for support.

Munch and I went to the mall today. I want to get a bathing suit so I can start doing laps at the gym. And so I'm ready for baby swim lessons too. The mall near us used to have a Speedo store, but it closed. Bummer. So now I'll have to find somewhere else. I did get myself a gym bag, that's nice.

Yep, pretty good day. I have to go out for milk later for a dish I'm doing for a potluck tomorrow. After Munch's nap and some Mommie/daughter play time. Maybe I'll go watch ER now...

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