Didn't ask for your advice.

02.04.2004 - 11:41 am

Yesterday I got royally pissed off at my MIL. As I mentioned in my last entry, Munch is a bit underweight. NOT to the alarm of anyone but panicked-first-time-parents. She's just fine. So we've been giving her tofu and/or beans every day with her veggies. She likes the tofu, not too sure on the beans. So I updated Munch's website (yes, of course our daughter has one) and put this in the message. What a fucking mistake! Last night MIL called Nick to (1) express her concern that MY daughter is underweight and (2) offer her opinion and ask why we aren't giving her "real" meat. Don't even get me started! I was just starting to calm down about it and just the thought of it is getting me all riled up again. My daughter is fine. She crawls, she eats, she drinks, she talks, she plays independently, she pays attention to us, she laughs, she plays games...my daughter is just fine!

I know that this is only one of the first opinions that will be expressed by various people about how we are choosing to raise our daughter. Aside from family, I can understand family, but why does Society feel the need to tell women and men how to raise their children. Is it really any of your business how long I breast feed my child? Or what and when I feed her? Or what toys she has and clothes she wears? No, it really isn't. And if my family wants to offer advice, I'll either take it or leave it. Probably even fume about it at some points (like now). Did my parents go through this? Did my grandparents offer their "helpful" advice so that mom and dad were cursing under their breath? Probably. I suppose it's part of being a parent.

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