What I've been thinking about.

01.28.2004 - 11:01 am

Here's some things I've been thinking about lately:

1. It appears (on a slight bit of research) that a driver doesn't need a special license for a winnebago-type vehicle. At least in WA state. If a bus driver needs a special license to operate a vehicle of such capacity, why not the winnebago drivers?

2. Do people with mullets really think they look good? Don't they see the mocking advertisements, bumper stickers and books out there. Do they think the authors are kidding?

3. There is a new campaign by the diamond people to get women to have their Right Hand Diamonds. What? Are the thousands spent on engagement rings not enough? Are they targetting the single women out there? Personally, I adore my pink sapphire engagement ring. It's quite unique and I get many compliments on it.

4. Why do all these contestanct on American Idol think getting through to the next round is about their desire to contribute to society, give back to charity or because they have a "good heart". HELLO?! It's mostly based on talent people! If you cannot sing, don't get all disappointed if you are turned away. And that girl that tried out twice, what made her think she could get through the second time around because she cut off all her hair. It's not about image, it's about talent. It's entertaining if nothing else.

And thanks to everyone for your notes for Munch. She is doing much better. She hates the eye drops, I didn't know a person could scrunch up their eyes so tightly! And has a rather odd fondness for the antibiotics.

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