Munch is sick.

01.25.2004 - 3:18 pm

Munch is sick. Sick like we took her to the doctor and found out she has an ear infection that is a result of what started as viral infection in her nose, spread to her ear and also her eye in way of a clogged tear duct with yellow goopies. We only took her to the doctor because of the eye goopies, there was no indication of an ear infection, and she was congested. But she's been congested since she started daycare. So she's asleep now and has to start anti-biotics as soon as she wakes up. I guess on the up side the pediatrician we saw was impressed that she's nine months old and this is the first time she's on anti-biotics. It's the fancy orange chalky stuff we all took as kids. The kind that stays in the fridge so it's easier going down. Wow. Remember those days? I sure do! That and the St Joseph's chewable asprin. Remember that?

I think Nick and I are still adjusting to how something like this can totally change plans. The original plan today was to bring Munch to her friend's house for a play date so we could finish painting her room. And go to Costco for some essentials like baby wipes and tissues. We all wake up at 9:30 (the latest we have slept in WEEKS) and Munch isn't doing too good. Eye is irritated, runny nose. So we cancel with her little girlfriend. Her eye is looking worse, so we call the doctor. They call back, want to see us. We are thinking "Oh, we'll go, then go get lunch and go to Costco". No. She's infectious, and tired, so we bring her home. Nick and I tiff. Get home and although she fell asleep in the car, it takes an hour for her to go back to sleep after being put down in her crib. I cleaned the bathroom and am now trying to figure out what to do next, like dust. How fucking exciting!

Now tomorrow morning, I'll stay home with her and Nick will come home so I can go to work.

It's just not much fun around our house right now.

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