Gym Goddess

01.21.2004 - 11:04 am

My baby is crawling!! Well, technically, more of a body drag half crawl, but she's moving. It's SO exciting to see her develop. I love my Munch so much!

I'm just coming out of a selfish phase. For about three weeks I didn't want to be near Nick, tend to Munch, or do anything "responsible". I just wanted to hole up and ignore the world. Part of that may have been the cold I had for two weeks, regardless, I'm starting to feel like myself again.

I joined a gym. I never thought in all of my life this would occur. Given my history of E.D. and body image, the thought of working out in front of others sends terror through my body. However, Nick gets a super perk from his employer and we are paying just $66 a month for both of us to use the gym. And they have swimming lessons so we can get Munch in the water (don't want her to be like Mommie who was afraid of the water and didn't learn to swim until she was 12). So last night was my first workout. Pretty good experience. It was a bit rushed because I had a spa appointment afterward for a facial. Goddess was that heavenly! I think I'll do one of those every quarter.

Back on that gym thing, you know what? Part of my whole gym paranoia was being surrounded by these toned, skinny aeorbics babes in their coordinated workout wear. Not so much at this place. Or maybe that's every gym. What would I have to compare it to?

Now I'm "working from home". I am actually getting a lot done. Even though I'm probably spending as much time goofing off as I am working. Funny how productive I can be without idiotic meetings and constant interuptions. I do have to complete my 2003 performance report and create my 2004 goals. I hate doing this every year. UGH! Oh well, part of corporate life.

Have you all been watching American Idol? Jeez....some of these people I feel for. And others, like the Flashdance girl last night, reality check people. Just like Simon said, it's a reality check. Should be an interesting season.

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