Snow 2004

01.06.2004 - 11:01 am

I'm sick again. Ugh! I just woke up yesterdayn with a stuffy nose, aches and pains. Today I called out sick, but then there's been this snow storm and everything is shutting down. Daycare closed, and Nick went to get Munch. Then they got stuck on the hill, thankfully a good samaritan stopped and brought them home so Nick could wait for the tow truck. The greater Seattle area has no real experience with snow.'s nice and very pretty, as long as you can stay inside.

It was a good holiday season. I'm glad it's over. My dad and his new wife (it's really weird to say step-mom yet) were here. They are thinking of moving out here. They even talked to our realtor who is going to pull some listings for them. It would be fantastic to have family here (and all the more reason to NOT move back east).

Work is work. I have only 9 1/2 months until I vest, then two more months for my bonus, then I'll be doing something else. I don't know what yet. Whatever it is will allow me more time to spend with Munch. And hopefully more time for just me as well.

My one and only New Year's Resolution...start using my PDA. There, I admitted to all in diaryland, maybe that will help seal the commitment.

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