Today is the worst day ever.

12.26.2003 - 8:35 pm

"Today is the worst day ever."

"Why C?" (I'm thinking it's because Christmas is over).

"Because this lunch isn't very good."

We had a brunch today and some friends and family over. Our friend's 4 year-old imparted that wisdom upon us. The adults thought it was rather comical, except for his parents. It's only a matter of time before Munch starts in on that, right?

Regardless of what C thought, it was a fantastic meal! Nick made a baked rigatoni dish and eggplant parm (THE best ever!), and our friends brought jumbalya and bread pudding. All quite amazing.

Our holiday was very good too. I bought Munch a "my first menorah" so she could light the candles each night. And we had a nice Christmas as well. She got many things, mostly books and Baby Einstein videos. Some clothes, ornaments and the Fisher Price Little People's Farm. Nick gave me a bea-U-tiful silver heart necklace that I have been wearing ever since. Even though Munch keeps trying to take it off. The girl's got a taste for the jewels! I gave Nick the new Charlie Trotter cookbook which he is very excited about and I'm certain is formulating what and when he'll make the first dish.

My mom leaves tomorrow. It's been good to have her here. My brother is here too, until Sunday. It's been a very full house and that is very nice. But I'm also looking forward to getting into a more normal routine. I'm almost ready for the holidays to be over.

Happy Holidays!

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