Sweet smells of Christmas (and other stories)

12.06.2003 - 8:25 am

What a crazy few days! We lost power on Thursday at 3:30pm and it didn't return until Friday at 4:30. We were hit by those wonderful wind storms ranging from 35 to 70 mph. Yes, you read that correctly! So anyway, we lost all the food in the frig, that sucks. I tried to save the frozen milk I have stored up over the months for Munch, went out to the Q and bought bags of ice to put it all in a cooler. Still started to defrost. Damn! So I'm probably going to bottle feed her all weekend and pump to replace the frozen reserves. (in case you have never had a breast feeding experience, it's like liquid gold)

In other news, Munch is doing something new almost every day! She's now sitting by herself, has two teeth coming in, talks up a storm, but my favorite by far - she gives us kisses. Granted, what she is doing is opening her mouth wide and planting it on my cheek, chin, mouth and letting her baby drool collect on my (or Nick's) skin. But it is SO cool, and (selfishly) gratifying. She is such a joy. (see below for her Thanksgiving picture, all dressed up, same image we are using on our holiday cards)

Last night we went toured our local outdoor mall after dinner (we needed the house to warm up a bit before we settled in for the evening) and visited the Borders. I was wet-my-pants excited to find this book!! It is one of my favorite childhood Christmas stories and has been out of print for ages. Iíve been watching for it on ebay and powells and other used book resources for the last five years or so. I eventually found one on powells that I bought, but when you have a scratch and sniff book, used is never the same as new. So now I can have a brand-spanking new copy to share with Munch that (hopefully) she will carry on with her through the years.

Nick is making bread right now, I need to finish this up and get Munch and start our days. I have to clean the house before our guests arrive at 6.

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