Eragon no more!

12.01.2003 - 8:40 pm

Wow, I just found out that my husband is taking a vacation from his journal. I'm a bit sad to learn this. Of course, I think I know where he is coming from and I fully support him. His journal was a nice way to learn some things about him (he's said the same for me). And all the steamy fantasy entries (which I never read)...his spouts and rants and musings... I, too, wish he returns at some point. And honestly, looking forward to him embarking on the endeavors I believe he has planned (although I could be totally off base).

Last night Munch was totally inconsolable because of her teething. So we put her in the high chair, and just before giving her a teething biscuit, cut up an "ice cube" of baby food - I believe sweet potato - into four sticks of frozen goodness. She liked it! She actually ate some of it. Maybe my baby isn't interested in the mushy stuff and wants to jump right into real solids. Tonight we did a nilla wafer and frozen sticks of yams. She liked that too. I'm feeling a bit relieved about this.

I'm tired still, not 100% over this cold, and have a long day ahead of me. I really really really want to be asleep by 9pm. And in order to do so, must sign off now and start getting ready for bed so I can read the last 13 pages of my bookclub book. (which I absolutely have hated reading!!)

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