Teething 7-month old

11.29.2003 - 8:28 pm

I'm fighting off a cold. Last night I was all congested and I thought it was allergies. Today I'm tired, congested and have that feeling in my throat.

Munch is cutting a tooth and NOT happy. She didn't take a good nap today. I put her down at 7 because she was so so tired, she woke up 30 minutes later just wailing. It's now an hour later and finally back to sleep. Nick had the idea to give her Tylonel (I wasn't in the frame of mind to think that clearly), she gets super upset with us if any baby Oragel comes into her mouth. Oh well, I hope it ends soon, I feel so bad for her (she just started crying again). Somehow, I have a feeling she'll be sleeping next to me and attached at the tit all night long.

I started my holiday cookies. Today I made butterscotch lace cookies. Nick bought me a silpat the other day. This is amazing! I'm the baker in the family and I don't know how I lived without one for so long. The cookies just slid off the mat. No fighting with a spatula and caked on cookie to the pan. They are wonderful! After making my first batch, I believe I'll have to pick up another before I make any more cookies.

We had a very nice Thanksgiving and a wonderful meal at Cafe Flora. I've been there for T'Day before, and they do a fantastic job. Yummy! Munch had three Nilla wafers while we were there. I cannot get the girl to eat any baby food (Hints? Anyone? Help, I'm asking for any good advice) but she'll eat cookies. Wonderful.

That's about it. Tomorrow we'll be working on taping up Munch's room so it can be painted. The walls will be the peachy color and the trim a turquoise blue that matches the Pat The Bunny book. It's going to look so cute, and exactly what I had in mind for her room.

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