Support Planned Parenthood

11.26.2003 - 12:05 pm

Have you heard about the Planned Parenthood in Austin, Texas? This really bothers me. Above all else, Planned Parenthood does a lot besides providing abortion services. What about all the women's health issues that may not be addressed or ignored because a woman may not have the resources to go anywhere but Planned Parenthood. What about that suspicious woman that wants to get an STD test done because she thinks her holier-than-thou boyfriend is cheating? What about the pregnant women that need guidance on how to continue having a safe and healthy pregnancy?! ARGH!!! This is just so wrong. And they were talking about all these other Pro-Lifers flocking to Austin to talk to this guy that started the campaign so they can duplicate it elsewhere?

Frightening. The future is frightening.

I saw Love Actually last night. It was a really cute, feel-good kind of movie. Although it did make me a bit sad. There was all this love and spark flying around. I came home and told Nick I miss the spark, I haven't really had it since Munch came into our lives. And yes, I know that it's a huge adjustment to have a baby in our family and what that means for our relationship. I miss my husband, and I want more.

It's officially my Thanksgiving weekend. Yay! Nick and I are really looking forward to having this time off together to have some good ole family events. Maybe even start preparing Munch's room for painting. Maybe even breaking out the sewing machines my MIL gave me (yes! Thank you thank you!) and getting some work done on my project.

And with that, my love just got home and we shall be dining on some form of lunch shortly.

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