First & Last

11.25.2003 - 9:57 pm

Combination & taken from heavenlyging and inmythirties:


First kiss: This freaky kid Martin in 2nd grade. I was not a willing participant, Martin used to run around at recess grabbing little girls and kissing them without their permission. Yeah, uh-huh.

First real kiss: Jody. He was a doorman at numerous clubs in Philly.

First job: A family owned office supply store when I was in high school.

First screen name: fstubborng (what do you think it stands for?!)

First self purchased album: Blondie, the Tide Is High (I was really into 45ís)

First funeral: I think this classmates my senior year of high school, very disturbing.

First pets: Brandy, cocker spaniel. Although I donít really remember her, there are many pictures of her and I as a baby.

First piercing/tattoo: Ears when I was 10, tattoo when I was 20

First credit card: Amex

First true love: Real true love? Or loser-boy infatuation? Former = Nick, latter = Keith

First enemy: In 5th grade this girl LC and I walked to school. One day I decided not to pick her up because she wasnít very nice to me. After that, she told everyone that there were not to hang out with me anymore. She turned all but 3 girls ďagainstĒ me and not one would talk to me. Ah, the power of popularity.

First big trip: Hm, I cannot really remember. Probably plane ride to Florida to visit my grandparents, I donít remember how old I was.

First concert: Del Fuegos

First musician you remember hearing in your house: Neil Diamond


Last big car ride: Portland, OR over Labor Day Weekend.

Last kiss: This evening before I went out.

Last good cry: Shortly after Munch was born.

Last library book checked out: Reign in Hell for Bookclub.

Last movie seen: Love Actually

Last beverage drank: Water

Last food consumed: Chocolate.

Last phone call: Someone at work.

Last TV show watched: Dharma & Greg

Last shoes worn: Red Kenneth Coles

Last cd played: New Sarah McLachlan

Last annoyance: People temporarily positioned outside my cube at work, I'm feeling boxed in like a rat in a maze (moreso than usual).

Last soda drank: Diet Sierra Mist

Last item bought: Movie ticket to Love Actually

Last disappointment: My job?

Last ice cream eaten: I had a cookie/ice cream/hot fudge sundae last Tuesday night.

Last time scolded: Probably the night I threw a hat at Nick to get his attention. That wasnít very nice of me.

Last shirt worn: Black sweater.

Last website visited: diaryland

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