Piss off

11.07.2003 - 1:59 pm

I'm home sick. But I'm not really sick. Well, yes, I do have a hoarse voice and I'm rather tired. But probably not sick enough that I couldn't drag my ass into work today. I just didn't want to deal. I wanted a mental health day. It's now 2pm and I have to go get Munch in 2 hours. Or maybe I'll pick her up at 5pm and take another for myself.

I'm just in a selfish place right now. I don't want to be a mom, or a wife, or an employee or any other god-damned title that ties me to another human being. As a result of this, I pissed Nick off royally last night. I won't go into details, but he was so mad at me he just went to bed. That's the first time in nearly three years we have gone to bed mad at each other. He was mad at me for good reason, I was mad at him for being so freaking stubborn as to not talk to me last night and ignore my apologies.

I'm hoping this mental health day is enough for me. I'm telling myself that I'm so distant right now because I need downtime. Yet I'm not sure if that's entirely it. Nor do I want to spend my weekend psycho-analyzing it all.

We have a double date tomorrow with one of our favorite couples at a nice restaurant. That will be nice. I hope. I'd like to consume a lot of wine. Get really tipsy. Yeah, I think that would be nice...

Provided I'm feeling better.

I sure hope so!

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