10.29.2003 - 11:16 am

Time goes by so quickly, can hardly believe it's been four days since I wrote.

Munch had her 6-month check-up yesterday. Yes, my baby is that old! I was having all these nostalgic feelings in the doctor's office. There were other babies in the waiting room, younger ones. I'm looking at them like, (sniff) my daughter used to be that small...(sniff). Am I pathetic?

Good news is she's doing just fine. I'm going to get some veggies today and whip up some baby food for her. I'm really getting into the homemade thing. I have this awesome book on making your own food. OK, so the "real life" stories are really hokey, but the recipes and info on food is really good. I'm excited. I am SOOOOO becoming Suzi-Homemaker...

Gotta run, Munch is waking up from her nap.

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