10.20.2003 - 7:16 pm

The weather is so depressing right now. It's raining. A lot. The road behind campus flooded today, we got a broadcast email about 11am saying anyone parked there should go move, and be prepared for a foot-and-a-half of water. Yikes! So I left at 3:30, I just couldn't deal with work any more. Besides the weather, it felt like the dampness was seeping into the building, the ventilation system was blowing muggy, warm air. Ugh!

Munch is doing so well. We've been giving her cereal the last few nights while we eat. I think a mistake I made that all parents-to-be should be aware of...don't give your child a spoon to play with, thinking it will encourage them to eat or whatever...because if they are like my daughter, the child will take the spoon away from you and feed herself. (and yet I'm proud of her doing this).

I'm antsy. I have this sinking feeling I won't be able to quit my job next October. I have had this feeling for awhile. Or at least, I'll be changing employers. Maybe I'll be fortunate enough to find a more flexible position, work at home or whatever... I'm sad on many levels, and joyous on others. I want to gorge myself on dessert. I want to work out. I want to SLEEP for hours and hours and hours and hours.... Tomorrow is my night off. On Saturday our therapist put her foot down and assigned us each a night off, instead of listening to us whine about how we don't get enough down time. So tomorrow...what shall I do? I'm thinking of going to yoga and then a movie. That sounds good huh? Wednesday I have two doctor appointments, one with a hand specialist and the other with my allergist. Ever since Munch was born I've been having problems with my hands/wrists. My thumbs pop out a lot, and it hurts. I am a little nervous. I know I'm developing carpal tunnel on some level...time to get all the ergonomic crap set up at work (I shouldn't say "crap") Allergies...just a follow up to re-up my meds.

Blah blah blah....

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