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10.13.2003 - 8:46 pm

Is it just me? Or are more troops dying in the Middle East now that the "war" is over? It just seems like every day NPR is reporting more deaths. Much more than when we were in combat, or whatever term W is using these days.

I'm at the very tail end of an engaging book. Geek Love by K. Dunn. It's one of those books that hooks you in (if you're into this sort of thing) and has short chapters and it's so easy to say "OK, just one more".

I feel like I have so much to do. The piles are getting bigger, the baby demands more attention, the cat feels neglected and I in turn feel guilty, my husband wants quality time once Munch goes down to bed... I'm not doing very well at taking care of myself. Iíve been trying to think of what I can do this week to care for myself. Friday night is book club, and that will be a blast with all the girls. But I need a no-people event. Iím thinking either Thursday after work I can go do a little shopping or coffee. Or maybe Saturday morning Iíll go to a yoga class and then take myself for coffee afterwards to Victorís (best coffee house in Redmond!!) Yoga sounds good. Maybe Iíll do yoga.

This picture is from this past Saturday. I am so friggin in love with my little girl....

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