I Want I Want I Want

10.08.2003 - 10:39 am

I have a serious itch to go shopping. I've been cruising through some websites drooling over items I'd love to have. Clothing, jewelry, etc. sigh....

It's going to be a productive kind of day. Munch is napping right now. We have to go to the bank and two doctor appointments today. Then we have our PEPS group over here tonight. I think between doctor appointments we are going to come back home and watch a movie. Nick is sick, Munch is congested and I'm (rather) successfully fighting off a cold. However, when I get like this, tired and ill-feeling, all I want to do is eat comfort food and watch movies.

We are about to enter our open enrollment period at work. The person that oversees that project is an admitted work-aholic, and she doesn't delegate very well. I did a lot of work last week to get the system ready for her, entering rates, fixing/updating reports, keying changes...so now she is running the reports that merge into enrollment forms. I keep asking if she wants any help. She was in this past Sunday and when she called I asked if she wanted me to come in for a little while. This is my busy season, I know this, I know I have to work more hours than normal. So it's a bit difficult to have this intermittent schedule with Wednesdays off (but damn it, it sure is making my life easier right now!). And yesterday I decided to let it go. I have no control over this woman to make her give me work, to force my services on her...the best I can do is offer help. If she denies it, that's her issue, not mine.

I'm excited that I may be getting some really good chocolate in the next few weeks! My brother lives in North Jersey and a co-worker of his lives in Brooklyn. So he may have this co-worker get me a box of Jacques Torres!! Yumm-E!!! If you have not seen this man on the food channel and the amazing things he can do with chocolate, I highly recommend you check it out.

Off for errands, enjoy!

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