My little girl is growing up!! (sniff sniff)

09.22.2003 - 8:37 pm

Lately I've found I enjoy just holding my daughter close and rubbing her back. She gets really calm and comfortable in my arms. She is so special...

Lately she's been obsessed with our glasses and plates and silverware. I think she gets upset when Nick and I eat because she's not right at the table with us. I've given her a sippy cup to play with, she enjoyed that, but likes her spoon so much better. She's so good about putting the spoon in her mouth, that I decided to give her some cereal tonight. She somewhat enjoyed it. I think at first she didn't know what to do with this mushy stuff and licked it right back out of her mouth. Eventually she was licking it off the spoon and swallowing it down. She is SO flippin cute it makes me giggle!

Work is totally depressing me right now. Those of you with me last year may remember my trials of implementing a new HRIS system last summer. It's been a year and we are just getting the damn thing to work the way we want. Two weeks ago we found out Finance was searching for an ERP. They were looking at Lawson and PeopleSoft. Lawson chose not to bid for our business (what?!) So now they (Finance and PeopleSoft) are in a race to get a preliminary contract signed by 9/30. Yes boys & girls, 7 days from now. PBL and I had a conference call with this consultant guy today. They were asking us if "HR" could throw together some requirements and evaluate the PeopleSoft options. Fuck! FUCK!! Basically, the assumption is we could implement and go live on 1/1/2005. I am NOT up for another payroll/HRIS implementation. I just did one for fuck's sake. I was anticipating implementing a self service product next year, but NOT an HRIS. However, PBL is trying to convince them that a 1/1/2005 go-live is incredibly unreasonable given everything our team has on their plates and thinks a 1/1/2006 is much more reasonable. Thankfully (hopefully) I'll be LONG gone by that point and not have to implement another system. Ugh!

So I guess that's it for now. Maybe I'll go read and cuddle with Nick.

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