Unpacking hell

09.20.2003 - 9:04 am

It's Saturday. We had another family morning when Nick brought Munch into bed. She ate. Then she played and cooed and stared at her parents. I like those kinds of mornings when we all hang out in bed together. Now Nick went to the Q (and get me a latte, yummy), Munch is playing in her crib, and I'm doing my morning routine before starting on the house.

I think we have slowed quite considerably on the unpacking. I know that I lost my momentum for awhile. And although I'm looking forward to it today, I'm also dreading it. I want to get all the boxes out of our office/tv room. I want to organize the laundry room. I want the dining room unpacked. You know, there really isn't that much left to do. We just need to get it done by 10/4 as that's Nick birthday party. Oh yeah, we need to unpack the cookbooks so I can see what I'll be preparing and what I'll be catering (if anything). Maybe I can go order the cake today...

I was thinking in bed this morning that I haven't had a good rant in here lately. Of course, I cannot force a rant. So maybe I'm just asking the universe to provide me with something to release some steam about. haha.

Off to start the day!

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