New digs

09.08.2003 - 3:36 pm

We are IN!!!

I'm so flippin' exhausted it's surprising. Plus with all the dust and other particles kicked up, my allergies are in overload and I've been wheezing since Saturday night. Nick is out of town until late late tomorrow, so it's just me and Munch.

I think tonight I'm going to sit on the couch, eat trashy food and watch a movie. The mere thought of unpacking is just too much.

In other good news, Munch has very successfully transitioned into her crib in her room. (In the old house we were co-sleeping) And she's starting to get up less during the night. Since we've been in the new place, up one time a night. That's HEAVEN for me (although it may take awhile before I stop waking up every two hours and straining to hear her on the monitor because I get all paranoid-mom-like).

I'm updating at work and worried the IT police are going to come and get me. The lockdowns we have around here are insane, I was actually surprised I could get online. But the cable modem is giving Nick issues so there's no home access yet. Oh well, there's more important things, like our gorgeous new house!!

Big cheesy smiles for all!!!

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