Road rage

08.29.2003 - 5:38 pm

Today I had a meltdown as I left for work. I kissed Munch good-bye. She started crying. So I changed her diaper and held her. I put her down. She cried more. I didn't want to leave the house. I spoke to Nick later and he told me he didn't want to leave her at daycare either. It will be good to have three days off to be with her.

Crazy or not, we are venturing to Portland this weekend. I want to leave early tomorrow morning. I'm having these flashbacks of family trips and needing to leave early to beat the rush. Of course, my father always wanted to leave at 5am (not get up, leave at 5am). I have no aspirations to do that, especially since it would put us in Portland around 8 and we cannot check in until 3. Oh well, I think an 8am departure will be just fine.

I had neighborhood road rage yesterday while leaving for work. We live in a residential neighborhood where it's posted everywhere that the speed limit is 25 mph. We get regular notices in our mailboxes reminding everyone that there are lots of kids and you need to s-l-o-w down in the vehicles. So I leave for work at 6:30am. As I turn onto the "main drag" out to the main road, there's a car behind me. He's a pretty good distance away, not tailing me. Then we pass this one street, the final 1/4 of a mile to the entrance, where there are still 3 more houses. I'm still driving the 25 mph. This ASSHOLE starts to speed up and pass me. HELLO?!?!?! This is residential, granted I don't know the laws, but I think what you are doing is illegal (besides the fact of going over the speed limit). So I speed up too, and lay on my horn, and shake my finger at him indicating he shouldn't be passing me and I won't allow him to do so. He starts making threatening, obscene gestures at me and yelling (I'm guessing) to pull over so he can give me a piece of his mind. Yeah, right. I'm that stupid. I brush him off, continue driving and not allowing him to pass. Fucking asshole! I really wish there was a cop around.

Listen mother-fucker, I got your license plate...I'm reporting you to the association!

I cannot wait to move...

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