Stupid Employer

08.27.2003 - 9:16 am

Yesterday Munch went for her four month check up. She's doing just fine, Yay! The shots went oh-so-well (haha) and she is just peachy today. In fact, Dr. Jill said she's acting like a 6-month old the way she supports her head and is aching to sit up. (she does this funny turtle thing when she's on her back, she lifts her legs and her head and groans in effort to sit up) So all is good on that front.

Yesterday's work day totally depressed me. I had a chance to sit in a conference room with my two peers and get caught up on some happenings. For one, our boss is still acting all PBL (psycho-boss lady). I got about 4 projects dumped on me that, of course, need to be completed asap. And our company is changing our benefits. Currently, each employee earns 96 hours of sick time per year and we have 9 paid holidays. They are doing away with the sick time, taking away 3 of the holiday and replacing them with PTO (paid time off). Now, I think we are only getting 5 PTO days a year. Can you imagine having only 5 days that you need to use for sick and/or additional holidays to be with your family?! I'm SO freakin' glad I'm only there a year longer...once I'm vested in my pension it's bye-bye old-boys-network stupid company! Ugh! And if the mucky-mucks upstairs think our employee population is going to take this lying down, they are dumper than I thought. There is going to literally be a revolt. It did not go over well this year when we changed from semi-monthly pay to bi-weekly pay. This is even worse! Times like these I'm sorry that I'm working in HR.

Today Munch and I are going to yoga and a few fun shopping errands. Then we will probably read and watch Sesame Street this afternoon. I really like spending time with my daughter.

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