08.25.2003 - 5:03 pm

Today was my first day back in the office. This morning (getting ready) was fine until I kissed Munch good-bye. I started crying, she was being her happy-morning-baby-self which didn't help either. I just wanted to stay with her. Being in the office was weird. I felt this familiarity that was like I never left, but everything was uprooted and changed. We've had mucho turnover and upsets. The department feels different, like a black cloud or something.

I did OK and kept busy and didn't have any freak outs about Munch. I got so busy during the day I didn't even call the daycare to see how she was doing. Although 3pm rolled around and ALL I wanted to do was leave and go get my baby. She's asleep right now...otherwise I wouldn't be updating.

She smiled at me as I went to pick her up. She seemed to be having a good time in the bouncy seat watching other babies. I think I more dread the day that she doesn't want to leave daycare...

The house, I don't even want to talk about it! Ugh!!

So Nick and I decided we are going to Portland this weekend. That way we won't have to spend any more "quality" time amongst our Storage Closet living situation. Especially since it's a holiday weekend and we won't be moving before next week.

I'm actually feeling a bit detached right now. Surprise's only my most common coping mechanism.

Sigh....I want to go spend time with my little girl. Happy 4-month Birthday Munchkin.

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