Boring update

08.18.2003 - 9:34 am

To those of you that wanted an interview, I'm seriously behind. I apologize, especially after whining about not getting many responses. I promise I'll get to it soon.

This weekend was super-accomplishment weekend. Saturday was mortgage signing and packing and goodwill drops and haircuts and other assorted moving events. Sunday was sleeping late, more packing, food shopping and then FUN! We went to the zoo. Too bad Munch slept through most of it, she's finally getting into an afternoon nap routine. Then we went for an incredible dinner at this local vegetarian restaurant. Super yummy!

Today I worked out already. While it's still morning and cool I want to go do some yardwork. I may just put Munch in her bouncy seat instead of the stroller so she can look around more. She really enjoys being outside.

Only one week left before I return to work. I'm hoping to get some play time into this week as well as the rest of the packing and moving. I'm really hoping we move on Friday instead of next Monday. Sigh...

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