Cranky ass Mommie

08.13.2003 - 8:11 am

OK, I'm a bit hurt more people don't want to be interviewed (whine whine)... It's not too late...

It's been a long few days. The end of last week I didn't feel like doing any work. Munch & I went out instead. Saturday was therapy and a baby shower. Sunday we were supposed to do the "family" thing by going to the zoo. It rained on Sunday. I was super disappointed. So we didn't go.

Which was actually a good thing.

Because I got food poisoning Sunday night.

I think it was the Azteca party tray at the baby shower. I've never had food poisoning before. It was NOT pleasant. So now it's Wednesday and my stomach still feels like I've done a 1,000 sit-ups from all the dry heaving.

Yesterday Munch was in a very clingy mood. Didn't want to be put down or left alone. That carried into last night where she wouldn't sleep unless she was next to me attached to the tit. So Mommie didn't sleep well and is feeling extra cranky today. I also feel like a badly tied pretzel. I'm hoping yoga will straighten all that out later this morning. And maybe I'll get a nap.

Last night it hit me I'm going back to work in 12 days. That is depressing. I got an email from PBL yesterday saying how much she's looking forward to my return. Sigh...I think the rest of the year is going to be very difficult for me.

To close on an UP note...Nick and I are starting a PEPS group tonight. I'm really looking forward to that. I'm hoping to meet some (relatively) sane, smart and fun people with babies.

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