Munchkin is a DIVA!

08.03.2003 - 6:16 pm

Nick and I had the most wonderful date last night. We went and ate at the Dahlia (local restaurant a la Tom Douglas) and both had great meals, good wine and yummy dessert. We totally needed that. Then we came home and I attacked was a good thing...

This whole episode with the Bitch-Ex has been trying on both of us. Fortunately, it's bringing us closer together. Our families are also being very supportive. So no, we are not losing the house. And I don't have that continual feeling that I'm going to throw up, neither does Nick. I think we will both exhale once we are in the new place.

So it's only two weeks until we move. And three before I go back to work.


My daughter is the CUTEST thing in the world!!

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