07.27.2003 - 10:16 am

Nick and Munch are downstairs talking and hanging out. I feel as though I should be doing something better with my time. I've been feeling a lot of should'ves lately.

We had another session with our therapist yesterday that was very good. I'm finding it rather helpful to have that kind of support in figuring out us as parents, and how to still stay connected. There is so much going on in our lives right now, we've packing in too many major life events in a 6-month time span. I'm seriously looking forward to down time spent settling into our new home. Doing home improvement projects again. Getting all my art stuff out of the tupperware storage and continuing on. Especially working on Munch's baby book.

That said, I feel the need to vent a bit about Nick's ex. She is such a fucking bitch! I wonder about her, sometimes she can be so nice and friendly towards him. Other times it's as if she is out to pull his beating heart from his chest. Our recent encounter is of the latter variety. I'm not a violent person really, BUT...(there's always a but isn't there?) I would love to tie her to a chair and rant and rave and lecture her on what it means to be an adult and accountable for her life. She is a perpetual victim. There are aspects of their relationship I knew about when he and I got together, and yes I signed up for that. I'm here to support him. I cannot control her though and the way she twists that knife and hurts him wells up feelings of a lionness wanting to attack her for hurting the one I love.

I know we will get through this together. Our family will remain whole.

Check out my new terror alert on the nav, I think all things Sesame Street are cool...

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