Oxyclean, miracle potion

07.23.2003 - 2:40 pm

I'm procrastinating. I *want* to be packing up my office. Yeah right! Instead I'm fooling around on the PC and watching Munch in the gymini. She's going to be three months old on Friday. Can hardly believe it. AND...she slept from 2am til 7 this morning! Yahoo!! I'm hoping she's moving into this idea of longer sleep periods at night. I hope.

I'd also like to say that OxyClean is one of the best items for baby care! It gets out poop from everything she's had a blow out in...clothes, car seats, bouncy seats, my clothes...

She's also taken to mini naps wherever she happens to be. She just fell asleep in the gymini. I should take advantage of this right now and pack.

I should I should I should

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