Missing woman found

07.15.2003 - 10:33 am

First of all, with Diaryland acting up I think I posted my last entry three times. Much confusion.

Anyway, they found the woman I wrote about yesterday. It all seems kind of weird. I guess we will know more later. Although if you read the article and see that she was with a friend/acquaintance from her bowling league, it makes me wonder about all the friends comments. A lot of people said, Oh ~ she wouldn't be the type to just leave her four kids...or how devoted of a mother she is, etc etc etc. You never know people. You don't know what is going on behind closed doors or inside someone's head. People say they know someone, but do they really know that person? Even her husbad?

Or my husband for that matter. I've spent much of my life living in my head and I'm doing my best to stop doing that and share with Nick. I don't want to create a chasm between us. I want us to remain close. I want to confide in him. It's just taking some time for me to open up. It's hard to "just" erase 30-some years of patterns and coping mechanisms to fully share with anyone, let alone my soulmate. So I'll keep doing my best, because that's all I can do.P>

Updated nearly an hour later...Looks like I was right.

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