Out of sorts

07.14.2003 - 3:48 pm

Nick left for New Orleans this morning. Munch & I dropped him off. We'll miss him. But I'm sure he'll have a good time, and we'll talk. I'm in a weird mental space.

The wife of a neighbor from where I grew up in NJ is missing. So if you live in South Jersey, or know anyone is South Jersey, please share this information, especially if you can help in any way. One of Don's sisters used to baby-sit my brother and I. They really are a nice family, the Stuadts.

After we dropped off Nick, Munch and I went into the office to see people. And so I could talk to PBL (Psycho Boss Lady for those recently joining my journal) about my return to work. I laid it out just as I wish, I want to return in late August when I still have some leave time left so that I can work 4 days a week, with one of them being a telecommute day. She said she'd have to talk to our SVP about it because supposedly the SVP isn't happy about "all these people" only working part time. Then she told me the guy they brought in to cover my desk 3 days a week isn't really working out for just 3, although she did admit it may be because he doesn't understand our company and all the crap we deal with. By the end of the conversation she came around to, Yeah ~ That probably won't be a problem because if we needed you on a leave day I'm sure you would accomodate us. Well sure I would, as long as it isn't every week. I also told her Nick and I are planning on going back to NY for Thanksgiving so I would like to take those as my vacation (and reminded her I'd be here otherwise for Christmas and Open Enrollment). She wasn't too happy about that. So fire me, I have a family and a life and I want to go somewhere for a holiday.

After I spoke with her I found out from my two peers that PBL's been super cranky and unreasonable lately.

I left there with this dread of working there another year. I told Nick that my goal is to stop working when Munch is 18 months old, since we will probably start trying to get pregnant again at that time, I want to be a stay-at-home mom when I am pregnant so I can spend a lot of time with Munch. We both agree this is a good plan. It's only a year though...right?

So now I'm going to pick up my daughter (she's laying in her gymini sucking on her hands and staring at me) and go have some fun!

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