06.23.2003 - 10:04 am

My in-laws are gone. It was a good visit overall. WAY too much food and dessert, both Nick and I are back to our heavy vegetable meals with seafood and very little sugar. My dad gets into town this Saturday, then Nick's dad the following Wednesday.

As with all parental visits, I was a bit worried of how my MIL would be about my parenting style. She made many comments that I just let slide, I kept reminding myself that she raised her kids in a different era. The one thing that really did bother me though, is that I don't dress my child warm enough. Nick and I went out to see the Matrix Friday night and when we came home Munch was in two onesies, long pants, different socks and wrapped in a blanket. When we left she was in a onesie, shorts and socks. Nick said it's probably because MIL was cold all the time (after 30-some years living in South Florida, the Pacific Northwest is a bit chilly for her - understandable). Oh well, we'll deal. I believe that each grandparent will have something they don't agree with. All part of the package I suppose.

Yesterday Munch & I went to the Fremont Fair. That was fun. I got myself a shirt and a really cute dress for her. It wasn't my usual fair-going-type of day though, like everyone says, it all changes when you have a baby. I didn't get to see a local singer perform, but that's OK, there will be other times. I'm glad we got out, I needed that. Then we came home and had dinner. We watched Amelie, I watched Sex in the City and we all went to bed. A pretty good day overall.

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