Closer to a new home!

06.16.2003 - 4:18 pm

We got an offer on the house! Yippee!!!!

So now the work of negotiating begins. I'm so glad Nick and our agent know about these things, this is the first time I've been through this and am slightly insulted by the offer they made. Nick has told me countless times about this process, and just because they offered X-dollars doesn't mean they expect to even pay something close to it.

(big huge fucking sigh of relief!)

Munchkin has caught our cold(s). Although hers seems to be milder than what Nick or I had. She's just congested and snotty. Poor thing!

I'm bringing her into the office tomorrow. I'm not looking forward to going in. Although I did arrange it to be there on a day when my cover-person isn't there. I just don't want to deal with him if I don't have to. Then my in-laws get in tomorrow night. And my friend from Portland is here this week so he and I will probably be brunching on Friday.

It's going to be a very full week.

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