Can't we all just get along?

06.05.2003 - 8:52 am

We had a rough night, Munchkin was awake every hour on the hour. Cried all morning, and is now asleep on me in the baby bjorn. We have been invited to a friend's to splash around in a kiddie pool, but now I don't know if that is such a good idea. Although it could be just what we need...

My mother wants me to come, with Munchkin, to visit before my leave is up. I don't want to go...I don't want to travel on a plane with her for 5 hours (at least) to NJ without Nick, I don't want to pack all that crap up and lug it around without Nick, I don't want to travel with a 2/3 month old without Nick. I asked myself if I was denying my mother and being a bitch about it...but I wouldn't want to travel to any of the grandparents (all live on the east coast) for the same reasons above. We are thinking of traveling to NY to Nick's father for Thanksgiving, that I'm OK with. And so I move on.

Our bookclub is starting up again tomorrow night. I'm very excited for that! We haven't met since late last year and I miss the connection I have with these women. Of course, there's like 10 new people so it will be a whole new experience...but it will be good.

And in the news today...what the fuck is WRONG with people?? I think the guard is getting off easy.

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