Ozzy's fried

05.23.2003 - 5:17 pm

I watched an episode of the Osbornes today. First of all, I don't understand why this show is so friggin' popular, but that's me. Secondly, it is SO obvious that Ozzy is completely and totally fried mentally. If anyone is a poster child for an anti-drug campaign, I think he would be it. Not to say that I'm so pure and innocent, I've experimented in my day, but not to the extent many people have in their lifetimes.

The Munchkin is doing well. The last few nights have been rough. We think it may be constipation. Last night we couldn't get her to sleep until nearly midnight (when we started at about 9:30). We go back to the pediatrician on Tuesday for her one month check-up. I can hardly believe she's a month old!

And I found out today that our short term disability provider "decided" this past year that the acceptable timeframe to recover from a c-section is 7 weeks. So unless I'm having serious medical complications, they won't pay the 8th week that my OB insists I'm still on maternity disability. It's ridiculous. I talked to our leave person about it today and she told me that for the most part, all employees that have c-sections have their OBs say the recovery period is 8 weeks but the stupid STD people don't care. I pay for this benefit, who the hell are they to decide such a thing? I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't even consult with prevailing OB opinion and medical practice. Stupid insurance company!

lol...and to think I work for the insurance industry.

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