Rated G

05.21.2003 - 9:16 am

Have you seen these ad for American Junior, the American Idol kid spin-off. I just want to say that I don't ever want to be a parent like that. Sure, my daughter is perfect...but she is going to have to deal with disappointment in her lifetime, many times over at that.

But what I really want to comment on is this one girl in the ad, the one singing Power of Love. What is she, like 10?! Singing this song about love and sacrifice and commitment. Isn't that perverse? There are songs out there that children just should not be singing. There has to be plenty of G-rated music out there for young ones.

Munchkin and I are going to yoga this morning. The place I was taking the prenatal class has a Mommy & Me class Wednesday mornings. Munchkin is welcome to attend until she starts crawling (which seems like ages from now) so we will be off! I may go to Target afterwards for stuff. Not that I really need stuff, I do need lotion and toothpaste, woo hoo is my life exciting right now!

She's playing with her animal friends and mirror so I had time to shower and get on the computer. And eat breakfast. Better motor, she's starting to call.

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