May 7th.

05.07.2003 - 5:07 pm

I don't have much to say these days. Adjusting to motherhood is a lot more than I ever anticipated. Last week, I told Nick I definitely want another kid. Now, having one seems like plenty.

We gave the baby a bath (sponge bath) today. She seemed OK with it even though she hates being naked. Although, I think that has more to do with cold baby wipes and being naked. We go to the pediatrician tomorrow for her first well-baby check up and set of vaccinations. I'm eager to see how much she's grown. I'm not looking forward to the shots.

Nick is out for part of the evening, so it's just us girls (and the cat). The cable is being all weird and I couldn't watch Trading Spaces. Oh well, I have some other stuff to do that I wanted to get to today, and it's now 5 and I'm getting to them. Probably a good thing the cable is being weird.

One final note...Stupid Bird is still trying to get into the bedroom. It's been 6 days now.

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