Stupid birds must die!

05.04.2003 - 9:04 am

We are now on day three of Stupid Bird. If the bird wasn't brain damaged before, it sure is now. It took the thing about a day to figure out flying directly into the window doesn't work. Now it just flies in real close and rat-ta-ta-tats it's beak into the window. I think the baby has finally gotten used to it because she doesn't jump anymore. I, on the hand, want to kill the Stupid Bird. Because unlike baby, I cannot sleep through its stupid determination to fly through our window. This morning I was envisioning taking a tennis racket or baseball bat and nailing the thing into the woods behind the house. Although, I was never a sporty chick so I would probably miss. That's why I thought the tennis racket was a better option.

Baby has worked through her, must-eat-every-hour-while-I-grow phase. For now. I actually got three continuous hours of sleep last night before she woke up for a feeding. That will do a lot for my sanity.

My mom gets here next Saturday for a few days. I'm looking forward to and dreading this visit. I know, it's the first grandchild and all, but it is my mother... When I was still in the hospital she called and offered to pay for us to have a home health care nurse or doula come in at night to help us out since I had a c-section. Nick and I talked about it and I asked her if she would pay for a cleaning person instead. For two months while I'm still adjusting and shouldn't be doing any hardcore housework anyway. I hope we didn't offend her, I could tell by her tone that it wasn't what she was expecting to hear but agreed to send us a check. And you know, I only felt guilty for a fleeting moment. If she didn't want to pay for us to have someone come in and clean, she should have said so. I would've been fine with that. That's one of the big issues I have with my mother, she rarely speaks her truth in favor of saying what we want to hear instead.

Baby has the hiccups and the bird is really starting to bug me on the monitor. More later

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