STUPID birds!!!

05.03.2003 - 8:00 am

First off, there is this stupid STUPID bird that for the last two days has tried to fly into our bedroom via the big pane window. We have screens and the windows still aren't open as it's not warm enough yet. It's really annoying to be sleeping, and the baby's sleeping, and to hear this thud thud thud every minute or so. I've been wishing this bird somehow my cat could kill it, or we could clock it with a broom or shovel. Now, I am generally a nature lover, no cruelty to animals, but this bird is stupid and deserves to be put out of my misery for continuing to ram its head into the window for the last 24 hours.

Onto more fun stuff, like the baby. I still haven't decided her name for the journal. My plan is to get a nice photo to post and announce the name then, I'm pretty close to picking something out.

She's a week old now. We sang happy birthday to her yesterday. She's already reached her first growth spirit, as of 11pm Thursday evening, she's been feeding about every hour on the hour. It's good for her and all, but now I'm so tired. And I wasn't having difficulty nursing before, but now I'm SO sore and am eagerly awaiting the opportunity for her to return to the every 3 hours feeding plan. We also need to get a pump, my friend Nia may have one she's offered to me, just needs to see if she can find it. When we had our post-partum appointment this week, and had asked about pumps and that we were planning on getting a simple manual one for now, the nurse gave us this odd look like, are you going back to work right away? Well no, but I don't intend to be the sole food provider for my child for the next 14 weeks. I would like to get her to take a bottle at some point, I'm not always going to be around.

So baby...she's got the coolest grey/blue eyes (I'm really hoping they don't change) She's very alert and playful and enjoys staring at us when she isn't eating or sleeping. We had her fascinated with a Winnie The Pooh in a Zebra costume for about a half-an-hour. She was just memorized by his face and moving around. Of course Nick and I are biased, but we do of course have the smartest baby. And she'll be super cute. And talented. Of course...

So the baby is asleep and I've had something to eat now and I'll be going back to bed for more zzz's myself.

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