Need to put in the diaper bag

04.30.2003 - 6:29 am

Note to those who recently had surgery (say a c-section) and then they have to go to the doctor (say a post-partum follow up) and they are taking pain killers (say percocet) NOT leave the pills at home so you miss a dose. Goddess I thought I was going to die from pain yesterday. I didn't realize what kind of shape I was in until I was in it. Thankfully Nick was with me the whole time and was able to help in every humanly way possible.

Other than that, life is moving and we are adjusting. Last night we tried a switch off plan to take care of the baby, it did wonderful things for me in the way of actually getting some sleep. I should have a picture to post in the next day or so.

I'm going back to bed now.

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