Baby's here!

04.28.2003 - 6:08 pm

Baby girl is here! She arrived at 3:02 pm on Friday, April 25th weighing in at 7 lbs 10 oz, 21 inches long.

Here's the condensed birth story...

What a delivery! We were on our way out to lunch on Thursday when my water broke. So I called to check in at the hospital and they had me go in. By the time my OB had me admitted and we were in a room, she came to see me and only my outer sack had broken, not my actual water. So my OB broke my water, they started the Pitocin and I was on my way. By late Thursday night I had a fever so they started anti-biotics. I also did not progress at all. By 5am I was still 3cm, so my OB was recommending a C-section. We agreed to wait 2 hours and see where I was. She came to see me at 7:45am, we started the C-section process for 8am, my OB did the exam and I was 6 inches. So we cancelled the C-section in favor of vaginal delivery. Long story short, I reached 10 centimeters just after noon, pushed for 2 hours and baby was not coming down, she was also turned a bit. And after 2 hours of pushing and such little progress (including my fever) we went C-section anyway. It was all so quick I could hardly believe it! Wheeled back into my room by 3:30 (I think, you know the drugs...) And here's Baby!!

We came home last night. We are both well (although the swelling from the Pitocin is mind-boggling).

And Daddy is doing well. So proud, so happy, so beaming it makes my heart shine.

As does my daughter.

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