Mr. Psycho

04.23.2003 - 4:11 pm

We're home, no baby. The ultrasound was good, my fluid is fine and the placenta is OK for now. The stress test was fine too. My OB couldn't get a reading because my cervix wasn't cooperating. The good news is I've been bumped from wait-listed on Friday to an actual spot (given no medical emergencies arise). So baby girl will be here on Friday!

I was watching Jacques Torres on the Food Network this morning. I am amazed at what that man can make out of chocolate! He made these chocolate macadamia nuts that looked super simple, so we went by Trader Joe's for ingredients and I think I'll do that tonight. Then there will be another treat to bring with us to the hospital. And some for later. Or tonight...

I have been thinking about whether to write about this or not, because I didn't want to admit that we actually watched Mr. Personality on Fox Monday night. But we did (actually, if I can finger point and giggle, Nick wanted to check it out more than I did) Anyway, it was interesting. The show started with 20 men, and by the end of the night she had to bring the number down to 10. There were a few tests/get-to-know-you things...a dance, a gift and a reading by a psychic. There was this one guy that freaked at the psychic reading. He was a little creepy to begin with anyway. So at the end when the 10 were let go, they were introduced to the woman and they could de-mask. This creepy guy went OFF about how could she let a psychic guide her in her decision about him and if she had only given him a chance, blah, blah, blah. I kept thinking, and said to Nick, the problem with this guy (and so many others out there) is he doesn't honestly and truly know that there may possibly be something about HIM that is driving women away! These guys out there think they just have it all and why cannot us women just see that and run into their arms. Does it ever occur to them that the common denominator in all these failed dating experiences is THEM? Obviously not. Nick even commented that what she is going through is very similar to when he and I met and I was on my dating spree. Blind dates/online dating...very similar indeed. And I went out with some creeps. Like the guy who was nearly stalking me, just couldn't take no for an answer. Or some guy who I never exchanged real names with because he got all pissy that I wouldn't tell him my name or WHERE I LIVED the first time we chatted online. Hello?! Can you say, single female protecting her own interests?

It's sad and scary how out of touch people can be. And how that leads to such unhappiness or violence in relationships. I know I've got a gem on my hands, we've got a really good relationship and now we're about to become parents. Love is wonderful!

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